Monday, November 7, 2011


During Kristen Stewart's interview with the Sky View Magazine from Mexico, she spoke briefly about SWATH. 

Here is a portion of her interview below. 

And what’s it like to be involved in a new project that has people talking, Snow White and the Huntsman?

A lot is being expected from me. I try to be strong and not be affected by that. I’m really preparing for this role because there’s tons of action scenes, so this is not the typical damsel in distress role. I move around a lot (laughs).

Do all the stories and gossip on the Internet about you and Rob bother you? Does it bother you that people talk about you so much?

No, we don’t pay attention to anything that happens outside the set. It would be easy to pay attention to everything that is said about me, but this franchise means a lot more to me, my personal life and my career, than gossip.

Is there anything you enjoy about fame?

Fame has been good to me because it brought me wonderful opportunities. I can find better projects now, and that’s rare in this business. Being an actor is hard, and when you’re famous, people know your movies and they will go see them. Any artist’s goal is to reach the biggest number of people possible. In that aspect I’m lucky.

Do you get nervous before filming a new movie?Nervous?

No. VERY nervous. But at the same time I can’t live without that energy, because I feed from it.

And how do you calm that anxiety?

I try to channel it towards a specific direction. If whenever you start a new project you don’t get nervous it’s probably because you’re doing something boring. The challenge is to overcome the fear, and that’s why this career is so worth it.

Do you have a good luck charm?

No, I’m not very supersticious.

When you choose your outfits do you pick comfort or style?

I think everybody should have their own style, even if they’re going to the gym. I like fashion because it’s part of my work. I dive into the new trends when i have to, but I’m more of jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

Where do you like to shop?

In LA I like to go to vintage stores, I look for funny t-shirts. I’m very casual when I’m not working.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Translated by Twilight Poison

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