Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Someone out walking her dog led to one lucky group of nine students getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to work on a movie set.

Level 2 Hair and Media Make-up students are getting up close and personal on the set of SWATH in Surrey. It all started when Hairdressing Lecturer, Karen Smith's daughter wandered upon the set while out walking her dog. After learning about it, Karen went back to the location to see if the students could be involved, and next week, they will get their chance by acting as runners.

One of the students, Sasha Flater, commented, "It's a stepping stone towards our careers. I couldn't believe we were there. Now t feels like anything is possible."

"This is the first time the students and indeed the College, has been on a film set. It is amazing for them to see how it all happens. They have been round the set to the props, costumes, and where the cast will be. They may even find themselves having breakfast with Kristen," said Tracey Thorpe, the group's tutor.

They really picked a great movie set to stumble onto. From the limited cast pictures we have seen, the hair and make-up in this film are incredible. These students will really learn a lot on set.

Way to go SWATH management for allowing them this amazing opportunity.

You can find the entire article here.

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