Monday, November 14, 2011



It has been an eventful week for Snow White and the HuntsmanSnow White and the Huntsman came out swinging with vengeance. With almost 6.4 million views on YouTube of a "teaser trailer" as of today and fan reviews screaming "Bravo", SWATH has firmly established itself as a powerhouse and one of the Summer "must see" movies in 2012.  

Then came a PR blitz which included the release of movie posters, introduction of the Dwarfs, a Sweepstakes for a trip to the set via Facebook and a contest to win 1 of 20 posters via @getglue, the immediate trending of SWATH on Twitter after the trailer release and a media set visit showing Charlize Theron in her queen costume. 

iTunes and IMDb are prominently featuring SWATH on their home pages ahead of movies such as The Hunger Games which is supposed to be the next great franchise after Twilight...well it just speaks volumes.

Since Comic-Con, Universal has come out swinging and it has been a non-stop blitz and boldness and the film is not even completed.  Clearly it was a great week for SWATH.  The cast and crew, Universal and the producers should be proud.  Good show!!

It is just going to get bigger and better.

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