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She runs through fire wielding a sword, rides  horseback in full armor leading an army to a fight, faces off with a huge creature and crawls over rocks running from something unknown to us at this time and it isn't enough to satisfy your curiosities that you need to hear her British accent too?  Why?  Just know that Snow White looks like she is going to kick butt and that is all you need to see. She isn't going to be singing to birds and cleaning the dwarfs house calling it a day type of gal. Geesh.

Entertainment Weekly names SWATHs teaser trailer as one of the best trailers of 2011.  However, we are trying to understand what is the overwhelming obsession with not hearing Kristen Stewart in the trailer?  First, Ted Casablanca of E! now EW... 

From everything we've heard and read, Stewart's British accent is supposed to be pretty good.  Even her Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson has said as much in a recent interview, and he would know since he is British.  Why do we have a feeling that they only want to hear it so they can criticize it? Hmm. 

Well if anyone would take the time to utilize "Google", they can find interviews where Stewart uses a British accent.  That should satisfy any curiosity that YES, she can speak using a British accent.  You don't need to hear it in the trailer to know this. *sighs* 

EW writes:

14. Snow White and the Huntsman

This could be the proof-of-concept moment for the whole action-remake-of-fairy-tales trend in Hollywood. Start the debate: Is the decision to feature zero dialogue from Kristen Stewart an intriguing artistic choice, or an indication that her reportedly British-y accent might be off-putting?

Nevertheless, SWATHs teaser trailer was released while the film was still in production and is still one of this year's best. If you want to watch it again and again, see it below on our page.

Here is the full list of EW's Best Trailers of 2011

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