Friday, December 16, 2011


Today is Dancer's birthday, so in honor of all of her hard work in creating this beautiful site, and spending countless hours researching and writing all of these stories, I thought I would wish her a happy birthday SWATH style!

Evil Queen: Mirror, mirror, on the the wall...who is the fairest of them all?
Mirror: Sadly, it is not you. Today is Dancer's know, the girl who runs that fabulous SWATH site Enchanting Beauty. So today, Dancer is the fairest of them all.

Evil Queen: WHAT??!!??!!!??? This cannot be happening!!! I am the fairest!!! She must pay for her beauty! Bring me the Huntsman...he will take care of this Dancer person for me! 
Huntsman: She wants me to do what??? Kill Dancer??? On her birthday?? Well that's just not right! She has made that cool site for our movie and written all those great articles about me. I must go find the prince...he will want to give Dancer a kiss for her birthday.

Prince: Hee hee hee you think Dancer can see me? I want to surprise her on her birthday!!!

Prince: Uh seems this beautiful young girl has passed out from too much birthday fun. I should try to wake her up.

Prince: Huh...I really wanted to give Dancer a birthday kiss, but this girl really seems to need one. I hope Dancer doesn't mind.

Snow White: That was the best kiss EVER! That Dancer is a lucky girl! I need to go talk to the Huntsman about planning a party for her!

Snow White: Hey, did you hear it's Dancer's birthday today???
Huntsman: Yeah...and the Queen is all pissed off because Dancer is way hotter than she is. We're going to have to take her down...she cannot ruin Dancer's birthday party.

Snow White: Oh...what should we get her for her birthday? I can bake a kick ass cake!
Huntsman: Sounds good...I will go ravage the forest for some dwarfs to make her a gift. I've heard they are kinda crabby though...they better get in a better mood. Dancer has done a lot of work for us...they better show her how much they appreciate it!

Prince: Hey? Why is my princess cozying up to that brute the Huntsman??? I've got to find this Dancer chick...I will flirt with her and shower her with attention to make Snow White jealous.

Huntsman: Hey dwarfs...put a smile on your face...we are going to a party. Oh you smell something burning???

Snow White: Oh no!!! That evil queen lit candles on Dancer's birthday cake and it's burning down the village. NOT MY CAKE!!!!

Huntsman: Must save the cake!! Must save the cake!!!!

Snow White: Come on's time to kick some Evil Queen bootay...she ruined Dancer's cake!!!

Evil Queen: NOOOOO!!! Don't make me into a statue!!! I'm too beautiful to be frozen in milk! I swear I wasn't going to hurt her...I just wanted a piece of that delicious cake. Gurgle...gurgle...gurg.

Snow White: Well, that ought to do it. The Queen will now be the topper on the cake. Time for me to head over to the castle and fire up that big oven to make Dancer a new cake. I've heard the gourmet kitchen is to die for!

Happy Birthday Dancer!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! You have done an amazing job promoting SWATH and deserve a day of rest and pampering!!!
Love, Cheermom



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