Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Comparing Two Snow Whites

When the news broke that there would be two 'Snow White' movies, the industry questioned whether two films about the same character could ever make it.  Everyone wondered, "Why would they do this???"

One of our first posts looked at articles discussing how this could work. Both films had big named stars attached and were looking at release dates very close together. Then the jockeying began...whose film would release first?

Turns out that Mirror Mirror won the release date battle garnering a March 2012 opening...with SWATH following it in June of 2012.  But would that matter???

The two movies were compared to Armageddon and Deep Impact...two movies about asteroids hitting Earth that were released months apart. Both movies did well because they were two completely different movies.

Since filming began on both Snow White's, it has become glaringly apparent that these are two completely different movies. I mean come on...Julia Roberts vs. Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen????
These pictures right here tell the story!! I don't think I need to describe the guys are see it!!!

And don't even get me started on how different the Snow White's are!

Bad Ass!

Uhhm...sweet and demure...yeah...I'll go with that.

I mean SWATH is still filming, and we have a kick ass trailer with amazing special effects and beautiful posters like this already released.

And I just have to add this picture, because it is one of my all-time's my article and I want to share the pretty!

Now that both films have released pictures and trailers, the early buzz is on SWATH to be the better of the two. While I happen to agree whole heartedly with that opinion, I do recognize that these movies are aiming for two different audiences.

SWATH is an action-packed telling of 'Snow White' that most people have never seen before. This is a break from the typical fairy tale. While Mirror Mirror goes more for humor in the
re-telling of the original fairy tale we all grew up with.

So since our first post comparing the two films, much has changed. You can read our original post with links to the articles here.


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