Monday, December 12, 2011


Charlize Theron could not attend last night's wrap party in the UK as she is in the states continuing her rounds promoting 'Young Adult'. 

Here is a video thanks to @kstewangel of her appearance on The Today Show, December 9th.  Commercial seen this morning was advertising her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight. 

It is obvious that Theron was unable to attend last night's SWATH wrap party.  Fans can view the Twitter timeline of @BarnesGirl11 who stood fast outside and provided a full description of arrivals including Kristen Stewart with her famous bodyguard in tow, and Chris Hemsworth.  She also provides an list of the eclectic music that was being played which included The Beach Boys to Donna Summers. 

Cast members Johnny Harris, Jemma Lewis and Paul Lowe tweeted about how much fun they had seeing the cast and crew they worked with in the film.

However, do not sell the extras short.  They are having their own gathering as seen on their Facebook page.

It is nice to hear that the cast is gathering and having fun because in the end, job well done.

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