Thursday, January 5, 2012


In an interview with The Film Experience during her recent press junket for 'Young Adult', Charlize Theron set the record straight regarding the so-called "lack of" appearance of Kristen Stewart in the teaser trailer released last November.

The Snow White trailer is so great. As trailers go.

Thank you. I thought it was a pretty bad-ass trailer. 

And it's totally you... 'The Charlize Show!'

Oh god, no! It's SO not. I started shooting the film so there was more footage of me. But then Kristen took over. That's the only reason it was like that. She's amazing in the film.

As Universal has indicated, the initial trailer released was a "teaser".  Filming was still ongoing when the trailer was released.  As Charlize has indicated, footage of her was available that could be used in the trailer. What was seen definitely captured the public's attention.  

Her appearance had nothing to do with any nafarious reason as to why Kristen was not shown as much.
Also looking at the footage, there are scenes of the army and at the Marloes, which have been seen through published photos, that included Stewart. These scenes were available to be quickly cut into the trailer to give fans a taste of what is to come.

It is good to finally have the record set straight about the trailer.  What took so long for this interview to be published is anyone's guess.

Charlize also talks about her possible conflict of interest with the cross promotion of Prometheus (which will be released the following weekend) and SWATH.

With movies like Snow White and The Hunstman and Prometheus, how thick is the contract that says 'You must never speak of this!'

It's not that bad. Maybe I perpetuate it myself. There is a part of me that wants to go "Just hang on guys. All in good time" In both films there's a nice element of surprise. Obviously. They're both in genres that you want to do something unusual with. I haven't seen the films. Everyone is editing and figuring it out. I don't mean to be too secretive about it but I know Ridley has been really cool and saying 'We love the genre and there's not a lot you can say without spoiling the film.' Everyone is kind of doing that. I dunno.

Read the full interview here.

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