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Entertainment Weekly reports that Toby Jones will take on one of the greatest directors in Hollywood history, Alfred Hitchcock, in a BBC 2 drama called The Girl.  The movie will also star Sienna Miller as 'Tippi Hedren'.

It was a well-known fact that Hitchcock favored blondes which he featured in his movies.  This take on Hitchcock's life will be about his obsession with Tippi Hedren the star of one of his most famous movies The Birds.  Hedren is the mother of the famous actress Melanie "Working Girl" Griffith and whose son-in-law is Antonio "Zorro" Banderas.

EW states :

The film will chronicle Hitchcock’s “obsessive relationship” with his blond muse, actress Tippi Hedren (Miller), which writer Gwyneth Hughes researched by chronicling Hedren herself, as well as surviving members of the director’s crew. After casting the unknown Hedren in his classic The Birds, Hitchcock’s determination, and ultimate failure, to be with Hedren turned out to be a story as fascinating as the plots of one of his movies.

The film is currently in pre-production.  It is not clear that with the recent announcement of Miller's pregnancy if it will have any effect on the production. 

There is no release date available at this time.

Hitchcock from Enchanting Beauty on Vimeo.

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