Wednesday, January 11, 2012


(Source: IMDb - Rupert & Liberty)
What began with receiving an exciting tweet from Liberty Ross telling fans that her husband/Director Rupert Sanders was "working hard" and the "movie is looking amazzzing" has led to her talking about an interview she will be doing with him for her blog.  She asked for questions from the fans!
After catching our breath from the excitement knowing that we can ask Rupert questions, we told Liberty that we would assist her with gathering those questions.

We suggested and she agreed that fans should tweet the question and use hashtag #AQ4RU.  We'll shorten it to allow for one more Twitter character, so fans who want to ask Rupert a question are to hashtag the question with #Q4RU "Q(uestion) for Ru(pert)".
Liberty noted to us that she does not have that much experience with Twitter, so as an assistance to her, we will also use our blog comment section to collate questions.

If you do not tweet them to her directly using the hashtag #Q4RU, you can place them in our comment section below on this post as an option.  We know Liberty will receive the questions directly but you will also have more than 140 characters using the comment section.

The blog will be open to all, without registration, to the blog.  Don't forget to include your name or avatar so he will know who asked.  Rupert will not be able to answer all the questions, but here's the opportunity you all have been waiting for so make it good!!
Thank you Liberty for giving this opportunity to the fans!! Let's get those questions coming!! 


  1. Kristen mentioned being able to collaborate in this movie unlike any of the films she had ever done before. How was that experience?


  2. Hey Rupert, I know the Prince is in the movie. However, is the Huntsman also a love interest for Snow White?
    I find the pairing very exciting already!

  3. #AQ4RU are they still doing results of swath this month in LA

  4. When will we be able to see new footage/trailer/pictures of SWATH?


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