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Again, the teaser trailer has made an impact on opinions about SWATH.  The Reelz Channel takes a look at both 'Snow White' movies being released this year: 'Snow White and the Huntsman directed by first time director Rupert Sanders and 'Mirror, Mirror' by the already established Tarsem Singh who directed 'The Immortals'.

The Reelz Channel analyzes the "competition" of the two movies begining with the release date battle.

"Universal Studios' Snow White and the Huntsman and Relativity Media's Mirror, Mirror, and the competition between the two has been ongoing since before either movie stepped in front of cameras. Mirror, Mirror won a month-long battle of schedule wrangling, securing an earlier, March release date — months before Snow White and the Huntsman's June release — prompting Mirror, Mirror director Tarsem Singh (Immortals) to declare that "two Snow White movies do not exist in this market."

Singh said, "Fortunately or unfortunately, there really, truly is only room for the first one of these. Two Snow White movies do not exist in this market. So for me, if you’re not first with this one, you’re not in the game. I made that very clear from the beginning to Relativity.

Well, Singh must have forgotten that it is not about winning a battle, it is about winning the war.  Wars are won even if battles are lost; however, was the release date battle really won by 'Mirror, Mirror'?  Not if you believe the initial rumors that the movie was supposed to be in 3D. Moving up the date would not allow for the 3D processing to be completed.  Also, moving it to March 16th with the eventual powerhouse 'Hunger Games' being released a week later, did they really win?  Maybe not.

One thing is for sure, the battle of the "first trailers" was won by SWATH. Reelz Channel writes:

"...it was Snow White and the Huntsman that was the first to release a trailer last November, with Mirror, Mirror's trailer following days later. While differences between the two were to be expected — Snow White and the Huntsman is more of a action movie while Mirror, Mirror is an adventure comedy — it was surprising to see first-time director Rupert Sanders debut stronger visuals than Singh, who previously directed the this summer's visually-stunning Immortals. Mirror, Mirror will have more opportunities to impress audiences with footage before its March debut, but the latest sneak peek for Snow White and the Huntsman, comprised mostly of footage from the first trailer with additional footage added to it, easily looks like the more interesting Snow White movie so far.

The final outcome of this war will be at the box office.  Each movie is so different and focus on different audiences.  Which 'Snow White' will prevail?  Only, time will tell.  But the arrogance of Singh has not been a winning one so far.  Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and Rupert's actions are screaming. 

Next battle...

Read more at The Reelz Channel here.

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