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Now it's Wired's turn at bat to place SWATH on their list of 2012's Most Tantalizing Movies.  No matter what you call it, "anticipated" or otherwise, Snow White and the Huntsman has consistently made every list. Wired also includes Chris Hemsworth's 'Thor' on their list.

Wired's cautionary analysis is interesting by stating that "everything worth seeing in SWATH was in that first trailer."  But little do they know, filming was still ongoing even with the release of the "teaser trailer". 

There is a huge storming of the castle that was not seen, Snow White learning how to fight was not seen, oh we can think of a lot of interesting things that were not seen in the trailer not to mention all of the Queen's antics that we haven't seen.  Relax Wired, there's more to come.

Here is Wired's take on both films:

A Fairy-Tale Revamp: Snow White and the Huntsman

Story: Snow White (played by Kristen Stewart) threatens the fairest-of-them-all title of an evil queen (Charlize Theron). Said queen sends a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to kill her, but the whole thing gets out of hand when Snow White begins training with the huntsman in the art of war.

Why it could be cool: We were admittedly skeptical about this film, but then the first trailer (above) was released and we went from "meh" to "meep!" Not only did it take Snow White out of the flow-y dresses and put her in some serious armor, it turned the whole fairy tale on its head. Screenwriter Evan Daugherty has said his guiding principle was, "What if, instead of saving Snow White, the huntsman teaches Snow White to save herself?" That alone sets the tone for a fairly intriguing revamp, but throw in Hemsworth (aka Thor) doing his hammer-swinging thing with axes instead and we're all of a sudden more ready for a new Snow White movie than we ever thought we would be.

Cautionary note: It seems unlikely, but there is a chance everything worth seeing in Snow White and the Huntsman was in that first trailer. —Angela Watercutter

Release date: June 1

Clash of the Marvel Titans: The Avengers

Story: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury and Black Widow join forces to save the world from catastrophe.

Why it could be cool: America's most entertaining actor, Robert Downey Jr., spars in his Tony Stark incarnation with Chris Evans' Captain America and the rest of the Marvel superhero gang for a crossover bickerfest that should produce plenty of jokes and the welcome return of Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow en route to the inevitable CGI fireworks.

Cautionary note: Can co-writer/director Joss Whedon

Release date: May 4

Read the rest of their list here.

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