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One down, how many more to go?  A movie which no one initially gave a second thought to has already effected the theater release schedule this year. 

Warner Bros./New Line have taken the extraordinary move to remove Jack the Giant Killer 3D from its original June 15th release date to March 22, 2013.  However, there are two different perspectives as to the reasons why.

The Hollywood Reporter takes the position that Warner Bros. is moving Jack the Giant Killer because they can afford to with the release of The Dark Knight Rises in July.  They also add that pushing the film back gives the studio more time to do the special effects. 

This is the studio that put out the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows movies parts 1 and 2 with the most intense special effects in record time.  So, THR really wants us to believe that Jack the Giant Killer has special effects that are even more intense than "Potter" which need "more time?" *chuckles*

Besides, the question that begs to be answered is, "Why is this "fantasy film" from the studio that put out Harry Potter and Batman being released in March and not during the summer blockbuster season regardless if there is a special effects issue or not?"  Whatever the case may be, they still moved it from June 15th, and there may be another reason why. provides a different perspective as to why the film was moved. How about the strength of SWATH for starters?  Before Comic-Con, no one would have looked at SWATH to be a threat.  Now with the release of the teaser trailer, it appears to be more of a threat than first thought.

"...Well, after that lackluster [Jack the Giant Killer] trailer arrived I can only assume the studio didn't believe audiences would be chomping at the bit for another fairy tale-esque fantasy romp two weeks after Snow White and the Huntsman and perhaps anticipation for Fox's Prometheus one week earlier felt like too much competition. So instead of compete why not make it the CG fest of March 2013, just as Wrath of the Titans will be this March."

With the appearance of the recent version of the SWATH trailer on the 'Top Chef' television show, ROS believes that it was still better than the Jack the Giant Killer trailer released. 

"Now that looks a whole hell of a lot more entertaining than Jack and the Giant Killer if you ask me."

Check out the 'JTGK' trailer below and you be the judge.  Do you think after seeing this trailer, the weakness of it could be the reason why it was moved?

Along with the move of Jack the Giant Killer, Warner Bros. is moving Tom Cruise's Rock of Ages from June 1st to June 15th filling "Jack's" slot.  But why move Rock of Ages?  The June 15th slot does not have to be filled by another WB movie. It is a totally different genre. So why move it?

The threat of SWATH.

Jack the Giant Killer and Rock of Ages were effected by the strong trailer.  Rock of Ages would have been lost in the soon-to-come PR blitz of SWATH, not to mention Prometheus, which will most likely be promoted heavily at the same time.  It would have been, "Tom Cruise who?"

SWATH has been underestimated and we are now slowly seeing reality set in for these studios. 

Warner Bros. also pulled their other fantasy film, Arthur and Lancelot which formerly held the March 2013 slot. This film is having production issues and no new release date has been assigned.

Who would have thought that 'lil 'ol Snow White would be pushing the big boys around?  

Read more about other films being moved here.  

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