Thursday, January 19, 2012


Charlize Theron says that she is game to do a Romantic Comedy if it does not bore her.  The Daily Mail asked Theron during a red carpet interview at the recent Golden Globe Awards if she would do a RomCom.  Theron, known for her "strong woman" roles, finds RomComs to be would consider doing one if conditions hold.

Theron says when asked, "Sure," she said immediately. 'As long as it doesn’t bore me to death. Most of those kind of films do, but if I can find one that’s full of life, then why not?"

What she said is not surprising considering she loved eating black birds during her recent Top Chef appearance.  This is a woman who is far from wanting to do something bland or standard.  Sorry Jen Aniston.

Proof of this is the next film she will be working on is a prequel to Mad Max.  The Daily Mail is reporting that she will be playing "a warrior" which is a far cry from a RomCom indeed.

Read the rest of Theron's interview here.

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