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Knowing that critics would be lining up in to see what Charlize Theron [who plays The Evil Queen] would do on Top Chef, her appearance has blown everyone away.  

The moment she stepped into the kitchen, she lit up the screen with sighs and held back screams from the chefs themselves.  Now she lighting up the post reviews.

The Chicago Tribune reviewer writes that this was the "best episode yet".  Not only was Charlize's appearance on the best episode to date, she caused the chefs to present the best food ever made on the show.  The Oscar winner nailed it.

The Houston Chronicle writes, "This is the episode where Charlize Theron comes in to guest judge … and threaten Padma’s unchallenged spot as the most beautiful person on the show."

Ok that was a little gossipy, however, SWATHs queen was gorgeous and that could not be denied.  Just ask the chefs. By the way, if anyone says, "models don't eat" tell them to tune into this episode because Charlize was eating things most humans would not touch.

The Chronicle continues:

"Charlize Theron is much more girl-next-door than murderous-villian, but over the course of this episode, she totally convinced me. She was really into the chefs’ challenge — making evil-inspired food fit for an Evil Queen — and laughed in a creepy way after all her weird jokes.

“If I were to make a wicked dish [Theron says], I should make anything, and then just put poison in it! BAHHAHA!”

Thankfully, the chefs did not go the poisoning route."

Read the rest of the show review here. Here is a snipet of Charlize at the judges table.

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