Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Coming in at #27, Kristen Stewart was listed as AskMen's 'Top 99 Women of 2012'.   AskMen writes:


"While Kristen Stewart has a particularly rabid following for such a young actress, we're guessing (hoping?) you don't consider yourself a Twi-hard. Still, just because you're not a Stephenie Meyer disciple doesn't mean you can't still be a fan of Twilight's leading lady. A reluctant star who seems genuinely bothered by all the attention she's received as Robert Pattinson's love interest (both onscreen and off) Stewart has an edge to her that most other tween favorites don't. And maybe it's that hard-to-get attitude that makes us like her so much. Regardless, forget Edward and Jacob -- consider us Team Bella. Is that an option?"

Pssst AskMen, for the record...Stewart's fans are not only teens and there are guy Twi-hards. Just so you know.

However AskMen's criteria of selection determines who makes the list and her the numerical order, Stewart's 2012 will be a landmark year in her young career with the release of three major films and a perfume ad campaign for one of the world's top designers.
Her first big-budget major motion picture, Snow White and the Huntsman, will hit theaters June 1st. Meanwhile the release of the final Twilight movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and On the Road (which is rumored to premiere at Cannes Film Festival)  will be released this fall. 

Stewart's landmark year has already begun with the promotion of SWATH gearing up.  Stewart and a few of the cast (Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin) have completed a press junket and at least one photoshoot (that we know of).

There was huge buzz this week regarding Stewart's trip to Paris for a Vanity Fair Haute Couture photoshoot being photographed by Mario Testino and attending an event with legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld being the envy of every model in the world. 

Stewart, the face of Balenciaga's new perfume ad campaign, will be promoting it later this year as well.

So, Twi-hard or not, "Team Bella" truly has something to root for this year.   

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