Saturday, February 11, 2012


Seating for award shows is always strategic.  The camera angels, the person who sits next to another person, what row the individual is in, it all means something.  The pecking order or popularity if you will.

SWATH's Chris Hemsworth is nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Orange Rising Star Award tomorrow night and sitting behind Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. Also, both actresses from 'The Help' are seated around him - Leading Actress nominee Viola Davis and Supporting Actress Octavia Spencer who both have been winning awards in their respective categories all season. 

Does it mean anything?  Not necessarily.  But he appears to be sitting in the 2nd row behind people who will be on camera a lot.  So it just could be strategic for the camera angels.  Hopefully, it could be a premonition for a win.  

The red carpet begins on BBC3 at 7:30pm GST/2:30 EST and the ceremony begins on BBC1 at 9pm GST/4pm EST on Sunday, February 12th at London's Royal Opera House.

The pre-recorded show will play on BBC America at 9pm EST.

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