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If you never read an account of @HauntedTwilight's encounter with a SWATH extra while at work, you are missing out on some fun fangirly accounts.

Her descriptions of the encounters just draw you in her "sneaky tweetfest" as she tries to expedite the answers she has posed to the "extra man" (as she calls him) back to the fans as soon as she possibly can while waiting on customers.

@HauntedTwilight is the ultimate "post-production set soldier" and her probing questions regarding 'Snow White' (Kristen Stewart) has even led "extra man" to call her "Crazy Twilight Girl" indeed with love.  

So because @HuntedTwilight has shown a knack for juggling skills at the risk of customer agitation while tweeting the deets to fans and for keeping the "extra man" in the store to get info, we have to call her a "SWATH Superfan".

Her enthusiasm is so palpable, it seems like "extra man" is getting a kick out of her as he continues to return to the store and answer her questions. With that being said, @HauntedTwilight, you definitely earned "Superfan" status! Now don't get yourself fired *smiles*.

Here is her latest encounter with the SWATH extra at the store from her tweets here:

May be some at your own risk.

EXTRA MAN! Is coming in the shop soon when he gets his son from school, I'm going to ask about kristens English accent.

(he is an extra who worked on SWATH) for those who don't know

Does anyone else have anything they want me to ask extra man when he comes in?

I will ask what kristens english accent is like I'm going to try and talk to him when he comes in I can't think of anything else to ask lol

@sivanwe Me too lol he should be in anytime in the next hour

@Miriam522 I will mate I'm Gonna try and get as much info out of him about it as I can haha

The kids start coming in the shop after school at 3.15 do he should be in after then

@BellaSKristen partner! In a bit I'll hopefully have some kristen English accent info from Extra man, hes coming in shop after picks kids up

Stay tuned! It's nearly 3.15 he should be in any time after that. I'm gonna ask what the accent is like, how it sounds

If she stayed with it in between takes, if it's like C's accent in trailer, if it's a posh or a common English accent and which type it is!

The kids have started coming up the road he should be here soon

He's here!


Alright I'm at work so this might take a while to tweet cause I'm in the middle of serving customers and I'm on my own but here we go...

I won't bore you with the small details but extra man came in and he was all HI CRAZY TWILIGHT GIRL! Lmao (his name for me) so I basically

Just came straight out n asked what kristens accent was like and if he could give me as much detail as poss about it. He laughed but he said
Kristen is very good at it. She speaks very softly and quietly but you wouldn't know she wasn't English if you didnt know she was American

Already. Her accent is the usual generic English accent and IS the same as Chars accent in the trailer. Although kristen speaks it with a

Much softer voice. He said "whispery" but he said that the scene he heard her speak in was the scene in the forest where she SPOILER >> dies

She did stay in the accent in between takes for that scene but he can't say wether she did all the time

That's basically it guys!

@BellaSKristen it's just that scene in the forest with the apple mate he was in that scene with Sam claflin

Oh and we also had a laugh about ray winstones bad American accent in films lol but that's all folks!

Kristen's SWATH English accent is "whispery, soft, and quiet" sounds like the usual English accent and she speaks it very well - Swath Extra

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