Monday, February 13, 2012


We have been waiting for this for a while but we finally get the account of the set visit won by SWATH fan Lynsey Jacob through MTV's Hollywood Crush.  Lynsey had the opportunity to meet Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin.

Here is a snippet of her account with Kristen Stewart's bodyguard a.k.a. "Hot Bodyguard":

Chris was rehearsing an action scene with the second unit director when we arrived and came by our little group afterwards to talk with us a bit. We spoke about the typical things that I was asked about throughout the day—where I’m from (“You sound American,” he said), how did I win the contest, etc. Such a nice guy. Before we left, we took a picture with Chris and then were on our way to grab lunch.

Going back to the set where Kristen and Sam were filming was a bit nerve wracking. It was as we entered the stage area that I finally got to introduce myself to HBG.

Here’s how that went:
Me: Hi, I’m Lynsey. I’m one of the girls from your Facebook page. [Shakes his hand]
HBG: Hi. [Something registers in his eyes...he knows!]

Moments later…
Me: Did you go to the University of Kentucky? [Pointing at his UK hat]
HBG: No, I just like the hat. [Eyeing me curiously] Don’t go investigating me!
Me: Oh, no! I was just wondering. [Eyes wide as saucers. Probably blushing.]

A few moments later still…
HBG: [To me] So how did this all come about?
Me: The Facebook page?
HBG: No, the contest. [Grinning at me like I’m crazy]
Me: Oh! [There goes that blushing thing again]

Read here entire account of her set visit here.  Congratulations again Lynsey!!!


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