Friday, February 10, 2012


SWATH's Johnny Harris has been immortalized on a GetGlue sticker as his character 'Neil' for this Saturday's episode of The Fades.  The Fades has reached the American shores which it has been airing for the last few weeks on BBC America. 

'Neil' is a flawed Angelic who sets out to save the world.  However, the Fades seem to be in the way.  Episode 5 will be shown this Saturday and it kind of makes us curious as to why 'Neil' is being signaled out.  UK friends, don't spoil it for us but we have a bad feeling that something is going to happen to Mr. Neil.  What's going to happen? We have to wait and see.

Go to GetGlue here and type in "The Fades" in the stickers search box and see all of the available stickers.

The Fades airs at 9pm EST.  You can also find episodes already aired on OnDemand. View videos and read more about Johnny's character and more about The Fades here at BBC America.

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