Monday, February 13, 2012


Your agent approaches you and tells you have to do interviews on the prestigious BAFTA awards red carpet and when you arrive you see a puppet.  You're 'Thor' and 'Eric the Huntsman', you're Captain Kirk's dad for goodness sakes, so what do you do? 

You do the interview because it's just not any puppet, it's Miss Piggy - Queen Muppet!  This is one individual you just do not refuse. 

Who would have thought, Miss Piggy, a muppet, a quarter of his size, would get an interview but she did.  Now we have to find out what she asked and what he told her..

But in the meantime we know what she wore during the interview. Why? Because it's a red carpet for goodness sakes.  You just have to look good even a muppet.

The dress Miss Piggy will be wearing pays homage to French Women of the 50's wearing an iconic fifties-inspired silhouette dress with vintage spirit: full bust, slim waist, full long skirt for a romantic look, realised in an elegant powder shade of beige coloured silk tulle. The bustier is embellished on the waistline with a bow made out of thousands of silver sequins, part of 'Les Extraordinaires ' their Fall Winter 2010 Show.

Miss Piggy: "Moi on the Red Carpet at the BAFTAs wearing Louis Vuitton designed by my dear friend Marc Jacobs. We have a word for that in Hollywood: Va-va-va-voom."

Of course she would have one of the top designers in the world doing her dress.  We thought of nothing less. 

But did Miss Piggy try to hit on our Huntsman? We'll find out soon enough.

Source/Photo source: BAFTA

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