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Google alerts are jumping off with a rash of media interviews with the SWATH cast today as it appears that a media blackout has apparently been lifted for the set visits back in October of last year. will be revealing more interviews, photos and info from the set visit during the week.  Their tease regarding their visit with the costume department is fun as well as their other teasers regarding their interviews with the cast. In the meantime, here is a brief account of their visit with Kristen Stewart.

"Now you’re prob all like, “wait, why did you talk to Chris and not Kristen?” Well, dear readers, that is because we wanted more time with Kristen. MORE TIME WITH KRISTEN! So by now it’s like, end of day and Kristen had to go change out of her Snow White outfit into her usual converse, jeans, hoodie ensemb. So we’re all standing around her in the middle of the parking lot asking Kristen questions, but she felt weird and “put on the spot” so she invites us into her trailer to do the interview. Well, don’t mind if I do…

And then, it was back on the bus as we drove to a more, um, civilized location – the infamous Pinewood Studios (like Universal Studios, but way more British). Our first stop was a tour of the costume closet – um, more like factory – with the movie’s costume designer Colleen Atwood. Just imagine the coolest fashion closet at your favorite magazine, but 8,000 times bigger and from 8 centuries earlier. You envision it? Ok. So we got to see everything in there from the tons of dresses Kristen would wear (there’s at least a dozen of each outfit, FYI), to the factory where Colleen’s peeps made 2,000+ costumes for all the extras. Wowza.

Oh, and my personal fave part was a tour of the room where seamstresses were sewing away on the gorgeous, intricate gowns that Charlize Theron, aka the Queen wore. Just wait till you see those babies and hear what Colleen had to say about all the handiwork that went into ‘em.

I was secretly hoping Robert Pattinson was hiding in the closet there or something, but nah. Regardless, though, I got a front row seat next to Kristen, mostly so I could stare at how gorgeous she is and, ya know, get my questions in, of course. You’ll have to wait for that interview too (sorry!), but I’ll leave you with this – Kstew is cooler in person than I thought. She’s awkward and sorta quiet and smokes like a chimney, but she rocks. I even left the trailer telling her The Runaways was my fave of her movies (cause it really is), and she said, “Thank you so much! That’s so awesome.” I think she was just happy I didn’t say Eclipse." will have a post everyday at 4:30pm EST/9pm GMT all week regarding their set visit.  Look out for exclusives with Kristen Stewart, Sam Claflin, Chris Hemsworth and a really nice costume department visit with Colleen Atwood. Read the rest of the post here.


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