Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Universal continues it interview series with the SWATH cast and crew from their October visit last year.  Today, they present their interview with Chris Hemsworth.  We are sure that some female fans want to know if he goes shirtless.  Well, read and see in these excerpts below... You and Kristen were hanging upside down for so long! What were you talking about while you were up there?

Chris: “Get us down! Get us down! What are we doing?” Honestly, it’s using every bit of energy to kind of hold yourself in a certain position so your arm doesn’t tear off, ’cause you’ve got a harness hooked up at your shoulders and then your ankles, and it’s all different. Was it fun? Or not so much?

Not that much fun at all, actually. It’s a head rush. It’s like going on a roller coaster a hundred times upside down. It’s like that sick feeling coming off. It looks good though, hopefully, so…

Editor’s note: It did look good. And so did he. Wink wink. Ok, we need to get to the bottom of this. Is there a love triangle happening between you, Kristen and Sam’s characters?

Chris: It’s not so much a love triangle. It’s kind of what the individual characters feel for each other. I think they are kind of unaware of whether anyone else is involved within that mix. It’s not quite as public or as open I guess as a love triangle. It’s sort of obvious. Your character seems to be very macho. Did you like doing all those fight scenes?

Chris: It’s been great. Just “epic” is the only way to sort of describe them. We have like a hundred horses in the feature on one side, and 30 or 40 horses within the castle they’ve built, a hundred extras in full armor fighting and things on fire. Ok, now for a serious question — will you be wearing this costume the whole time, or will there be shirtless scenes (pretty please)?

No, there’s not. There was enough skin in Thor! I sort of stay covered up in this one.

Read the rest of Chris's interview here.

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