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Many films and television shows have been made about the ship Titanic, however, this version is taking a look from a different angle.  IVT's 'Titanic' starring SWATH's Toby Jones will premiere next month, according to The Telegraph.

The Telegraph reports that IVT's television version by Oscar-winning screenwriter Julian Fellows, has taken the story from the point of view of the middle class.  Previous versions concentrated on a love story between two people (James Cameron's version) or the point of view of the crew (A Night to Remember).  This version is set to "correct" the "omission" of the middle class story.

[Fellows]: “We never see the middle class; and England is a middle-class nation. It’s what most of us are. It’s what most of our greatness depends on.

“So in our Titanic, we have a very strong middle-class story. We quite deliberately set out to create a portrait of the ship."

“Nobody has attempted – I use the word advisedly – to convey a sense of the whole of the ship."

“We have 18 characters, and it’s a plaited narrative. We sink the ship three times, so you see the thing from several perspectives.”

View the trailer of 'Titanic' here.

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