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Here is the time the photoshoot will take place according to a tweet from @ElleUK:

"Make sure you follow @ELLEUK from 9am Tuesday (PDT) and Tuesday 4pm (GMT) to get the live ELLE team tweets from the #KristenStewart shoot.

(That will be 12 noon EST)

If anyone says Kristen Stewart doesn't have a solid fan base, think again.  Elle Magazine is breaking with their protocall an announced who they will be featuring on their June cover.

Rumors were abound heating up on the social media outlets that Kristen Stewart could be their next covergirl.  Elle Magazine Editor-in-Chief Lorrain Candy stated:

"We're breaking with tradition and magazine protocol to reveal our cover star in advance because she has such a huge social network following and fan base we want to be the ones to break the news first’ said ELLE Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy. ‘We'll be giving readers a digital exclusive and reporting from inside the studio as we shoot. Kristen is such an amazing ELLE cover star I want to make sure we don’t disappoint readers who have to wait to see the whole shoot in our June issue out on May 2nd."

Now that's power people.  To have a company know how much how much her fans want to see her in the shoot is respect.  Elle certainly knows that the magazine will sell even with the advance behind-the-scenes look.

Kudos to Elle for doing this for the fans. 

The shoot will take place in Los Angeles tomorrow, according to Elle UK.  Elle states, " Readers will be able to follow the action minute by minute at the studio live on Twitter through @ELLEuk and Facebook."

So tune in to see what Kristen will be wearing and try to guess which outfit will be seen on the cover.

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