Wednesday, March 28, 2012



While other writers are writing about the Queen, Snow White and the Huntsman, NPR is fascinated by the imagery of Rupert Sanders.

Without a doubt, SWATH looks to be one of the most captivating films of 2012.  The fairies and dark forest monsters, this is turning out to be a visual splendor.

NPR states:

"What's intriguing about this trailer isn't necessarily the story, the outlines of which seem fairly clear. It's not even the acting, despite the fact that Charlize Theron is a pretty powerful actress, and Kristen Stewart is a lot more than Twilight, as she's shown in films like Adventureland.  What's intriguing is the imaginative imagery: a fascination with birds and fire, a really scary-looking woods, and Theron presented in a whole series of images of horror and beauty and sex.

Everything seen so far appears to be ripe for Oscar gold in the technical divisions and even cinematically as well.
So NPR's "rush to judgment" is understandable.  SWATH does draw you in, just ask the patrons at last years Comic-Con. 

Check out the images NPR is describing in the latest trailer below.


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