Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hollywood Life

Oh, it's a slow SWATH news day besides being a bit worn out from all of yesterday's excitement.  Composer Stuart Thomas did tweet that there is choral recording going on at Abbey Road Studios today. 

But other than that, we know there are a thousand stories talking about how great the trailer was...we know this; or how amazing Kristen, Charlize and Rupert was at WonderCon...we know this....SWATH is great, it's amazing, we're the bomb!  We trended SWATH twice last night on Twitter...so what else? 

Was that too conceited? Oh, who cares. *giggles*

Therefore, taking what we consider a "SWATH mental day" (meaning you take a sick day not because you're sick, just because you just need a darn day off) when some folks maybe are sending out photos or making gifs etc... we like perusing offbeat stories that we wouldn't care to post any other day.  So we found this one.

This story we get a kick out of because it just shows the state of the "journalistic entertainment" world. 

What Kristen wears to the airport? Uh ok, we'll bite.

Hollywood Life reports that Kristen appears to have worn the same exact outfit to the airport she wore 10 days beforehand. And...?  There's plenty of airport tape of me wearing the same sweatshirt, jeans and shoes.  So?

"When she left Paris on Mar. 8, K-Stew sported her quilted leather jacket with a pair of rolled-up skinny jeans and a white tee — and that’s exactly what she wore on Mar. 19 when she touched down in NYC! Ray-Bans and a backpack completed her look on both occasions — the only difference was her choice of footwear."

We know Michael Kors has his jet-setting travel wear rules. But hey, in the real world this is what you wear.

Then they ask:

What do you think of K-Stew’s double-dressing? Is it time for her to switch up her look or do you love how she re-wears?

Let's break this down:

Are the clothes clean?  Yes... then who cares?

If she was walking around looking dirty and kind of smelly, then that would be a story.  She's minding her own business and she looks comfortable.  So who cares?!  Quite frankly, we hope she wears it 10 more times.

Oh, how we love mental days.  Next....

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