Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Although Hollywood's attempt to the dark and edgy can be annoying from time to time, SWATH pulls it off, according to Screen Rant.

Screen Rant takes a look at two "dark" and "edgy" but different films, SWATH and Johnny Depp's 'Dark Shadows'.

"While Snow White and the Huntsman and Dark Shadows couldn’t be more different in some ways, they both share a vaguely similar gothic aesthetic that has been sorely missing from the cinematic landscape for far too long."

"Obviously, Dark Shadows is on the complete opposite end of the tonal spectrum from Snow White and the Huntsman. Whereas Snow White looks to be a deadly serious, Shadows seems to be more in line with Tim Burton’s early semi-comedic works – Beetlejuice, in particular."

Dancerone's rant:

Here's something annoying...

Now we have to admit this Tim Burton's take on the original soap opera featuring the sexy vampire Barnabus Collins (Depp), has left fans of the original 'Dark Shadows' in a 'stomach churning stupor'.  Burton's version is so far removed from the original character that Jonathan Frid brought to life, why he named this film 'Dark Shadows' is dumbfounding.  Call it anything but 'Dark Shadows'.  Maybe call it 'Beetlejuice with Fangs'. This beloved soap opera would have kids running home from school to see it and now it is made into a Hollywood farce.  Burton owes 'Dark Shadows' fans an explanation. 

Check out the introduction of the original Barnabus here and the full original first episode here.  Then  see the Burton trailer here as he makes it into a mockery of itself.

Yes, this film will sell Johnny Depp tickets and kids today have no clue about the original soap opera but sometimes Hollywood needs to leave some things just be or not try to be too cute with a remake or using known and beloved characters.  This is one...

Rant over.

Looking at the film from a cinematic perspective, it is exactly how Screen Rant describes it as being "dark" and "gothic."

Screen Rant states that "the [SWATH] footage here [in the behind-the-scenes featurette] is driving home the point that this Snow White (Kristen Stewart) is a badass; this evil queen (Charlize Theron) is straight out of a horror film; and this version of the story is grittier, darker, and more extreme than all the previous versions. Big monsters! An axe-wielding Chris Hemsworth!..."

SWATH definitely has met SR's description.  So far, everyone's loving what they see.  Imagine what we haven't seen.



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