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The Vine has had enough of the Kristen Stewart hating.   The release of her latest film's trailer, 'On the Road', has had the critics and internet buzzing regarding one of the most anticipated movies of 2012. 

The Vine takes a look at the "three most common arguments used by the anti-Kristen Stewart brigade." The three are: "Twilight Sucks", "She Can't Act" and "She Never Smiles on the Red Carpet."

We have addressed these items from time to time but it is good looking at it from another perspective. But comparing Stewart's choices in movies and characters to the likes of James Dean, Marlon Brando and Shelley Winters is huge. 

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In the "Twilight Sucks" category, The Vine may be defending Kristen Stewart, but they showed their lack of tolerance of "Twilight" by referring to Stephenie Meyer's religion being a "Mormon" to justify their opinion. 

It has always been quietly rumored that a lot of hatred of "Twilight" is based on the fact that Meyer is Mormon.  Maybe this statement proves that rumor to be true.  What difference does if make what her religion is if she based her book on a dream? It is as if no one has ever written a book based upon a dream who was not Mormon?  It is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black regarding "hating on something or someone." 

Within the "She can't act" category, The Vine makes good points when it comes to Kristen's work. It has been said she unique for her generation of actors. The Enchanting Beauty even takes a look at her film choices in our popular post here.  The Vine provides an excellent analogy of who Stewart could be compared to regarding her films and characters.

2. "She can't act"
Well this is just patently untrue. I'm going to throw to The Village Voice's Karina Longworth for a moment here, whose review of The Runaways (from which this is excerpted, my favourite bit bolded) helped me to articulate my own feelings about Stewart's screen presence: "Jett's unique blend of allure and threat, apathy and determination, gets a mumbling hyper-naturalized take from Stewart—more Brando than Bella Swan. Her performance is largely internal—risky, considering that the built-in audience that probably made the Twilight star appealing to producers might not know what to make of the actress playing a character with so much going on in her head."

I'm not sure how anyone could come away from Into The Wild, Adventureland or The Runaways (I haven't seen Welcome To The Rileys, though Roger Ebert reacted to the Sundance screening with an amazed "Who knew she had these notes? I'm discovering an important new actress") and still be of the opinion that Kristen Stewart can't act. I think the truth of the matter has a lot to do with what Longworth's critique suggests: Stewart's presence is closer to Brando or James Dean or a young Shelley Winters than any of her "mod'ren" peers. Her chin-to-chest, introspective style is more mumblecore than MTV. But does that mean she can't act? No, stupid.

Read the entire article in full here at The Vine.

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  1. Take that haters! lol Love this article, yes she can act, she has been a wonderful actor since she was 9yrs old, and has a beautiful smile! I am proud to be a kristen Stewart fan! I am also a Rob fan, thinking this is where the hate comes from... that she has a english boy friend? Anyway AMEN to The Vine article!


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