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"After 18 years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found that I could shine."

And shine she will in this 2012. 

Kristen Stewart has 3 huge movies coming out this year.  SWATH being one, 'On The Road' and of course the highly anticipated 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2'.

This past weekend Twihards took the plunge and bought movie tickets to 'The Hunger Games' raising its box office to a record-setting North American record all to see the first glimpses of Stewart as the new vampire 'Bella'.  The trailer met all expectations and then some although it was less than a minute.

Fans got a chance to see Bella with her new eyes, touching her husband Edward for the first time as a vampire and him obviously loving it, and a bit of Jacob who even appears different as well (a leader of sorts with authority).

So of course, you have every writer in Hollywood beaming as well.  Ted Casablanca at E! online writes:

"Good things come to Twihards who wait!"

"...the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer officially hit the web today and, even though it's only a mere fifty seconds, we just can't get over Kristen Stewart rockin' that piercing red stare.
And it's not just the vampy eyes she's rocking...

Everything we loved about Edward Cullen from the first flick—ya know, his "skin of a killa" (AKA blinged out body), his super speed, his pale complexion—Bella shows it all off as she races through the forest while waxing poetic:

"After eighteen years of being utterly ordinary," the very undead Bella recites in voiceover. "I finally found that I could shine."
Uh, babe? We hardly think having bloodsuckers and werewolves battle over your booty—with another hoard of vamps trying to kill you—before you eventually settle down with (arguably) "the best man ever" counts as normal.And we still cannot get over the final shot of her hunting a deer. We die! Only 235 days the movie premieres!'

MTV's gushing as well by listing their "5 Key Scenes" of the trailer, "In honor of that scrumptious reveal, here are our five favorite moments."

The 5 categories are: The Red-Eye Reveal, Bella on the Hunt, Her Revelation About Being a Vampire, Jacob Meeting Up With Her and our favorite, Edward's Totally Into It. 

Edward's totally into it

As they stand, feeling each other out, Edward confesses, "You're so beautiful. We're the same temperature now." We assume in vampire speak, that's pretty sexy and romantic. While he may not always have been onboard with Bella's choices — like keeping their half-vampire super spawn despite nearly dying in childbirth — he now seems at ease with the new life they can lead together, forever. The long-awaited final film in the franchise opens in November

Read the rest of the list here. Fans are expecting to see a long trailer hopefully during the MTV Movie Awards later this year.  In the meantime, check out the teaser video (again) below and see Stewart as no one has seen her before.  Looks like the vamp Bella is going to be a bit scary. 

Also, check out the video of Jamie Campell Bower talking about Stewart and 'Breaking Dawn' on the Empire Awards red carpet yesterday.

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