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Unlike most females, you won't find Kristen fawning over what designer shoe she has to wear. She's no Carrie Bradshaw; however, we're pretty sure she does like getting dressed up now and again like any other female.

During the media set visits last year, Colleen Atwood told Cambio that Kristen Stewart is "not obsessed" with clothes. She also discusses how she came to design this version of Snow White's clothes.

"The puff sleeve is sort of reflected in Kristen's costume, but that's about it," she said. "The rest of it -- she's a totally different kind of character. She's much less kind of princess-y and more kind of a badass girl. Hers is leather and got clamps and different stitching on it and stuff, so it's quite different."

As for Kristen's reactions to seeing Atwood's designs for her, "Kristen really didn't say anything. I mean, I just showed her the stuff and she was really into it. She loved the armor and all the other bits that she has, she's really not obsessed with clothes at this point in her career. She's young and free from that obsession, and in her work previous she hasn't worn those [period] costumes, so it's kind of new for her. She's still having fun with it, I think."

Read the rest of their article here.

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