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[I'm]“...playing evil really, really well.” Theron says about herself about her recent roles in 'Young Adult' and now 'Snow White and the Huntsman'. "That’s because I’m a bitch….Picasso had his blue period, and that this is my bitch period."

Theron's colorful responses standout during the SWATH panel at WonderCon today.  Theron appeared alongside Director Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart (Snow White) as they answered questions from the fans moderated by Ben Lyons.

Entertainment Weekly contends Theron was "more feisty" than she appeared at her earlier 'Prometheus' panel.  We guess the evil queen will bring it out of you.

"Everybody has an idea of her,” Theron said with a wry smile, “and there’s something nice about f—ing with that idea."

Yes, we would say that's feisty.  But Kristen Stewart was a bit spirited in defending her role as 'Bella' in comparison to 'Snow White'.  EW writes:

"...she [Stewart] did get her dander up when one questioner implied that her Snow White was a more active, bad-ass heroine in comparison with Twilight‘s Bella Swan. “Hey now!” Stewart said, rising in her seat. “I could have a whole discussion about Twilight, but I won’t."

Hmm, you think these women have a bit of evil queen in them too? 

Sanders gave a little insight in the casting of the dwarfs stating that his first feature was supposed to be a British ganster film, so he chose to cast British tough-guys Ray Winstone, Eddie Marsan, Ian McShane etc... as the dwarfs instead.

“These are British gangsters,” he said, “but little.”

Read the rest of article here. 

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