Sunday, March 4, 2012



Surprise, surprise, surprise and the talking head so-called experts think that 'The Avengers' and 'The Hunger Games' will rule the box office this year may be in for a suprise when it is all said and done.

'The Lorax' opens with an estimated $70.7 milllion  according to The Wrap.  All early box office estimates were predicting at the maximum $60 million. 

When animated films open with great buzz as this one has, this not only means the predictable sequel, but this means that the box office will only grow as time goes on.  The world-wide box office could be astounding before it is all said and done and there's no superheroes in sight.

The Wrap states that Universal's opening expectations were $40 million.

"Universal and Illumination Entertainment's PG-rated adaptation of the Dr. Suess book is now the biggest-opening animated family film that is not a sequel. It is Universal's fourth-biggest opening of all time. And it is the biggest opening weekend for a movie based on a Dr. Suess book."

This is also Universal's best opening ever for a Universal animated film.

To see the rest of the box office results are, go to The Wrap here

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