Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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Not a suprise but you have got to love it when a woman just speaks her mind.  Charlize Theron gave the press an earful today at the 'Prometheus" press screening in the UK today. A couple of tweets on Twitter provided the fun she was having with the press:

  #Prometheus Impressions after seeing the footage + Q&A 1. The film looks AMAZING 2. Charlize Theron is tall and likes swearing            

 : Interviewed charlize theron and michael fassbender this morning Charlize talked about her anus. Actually happened. RESULT!           

Promethus News attended the screening.  They provide a pretty good look at Read their entire account here

Total Film reports the following scene featuring Charlize:

"The next scene was set upon the good ship Prometheus in the year 2093, with Michael Fassbender's placid android, David, attending to a pushup-performing Charlize Theron. "Were there any casualties?" she asks him casually, as she completes her workout. David confirms that there were not."

"She's referring to the awakening of the ship's research crew from their stasis chambers, having spent a whopping two and a half years in there before being roused. Straight off the bat it seems as though Theron's character, a suit from the Weyland Corporation, is a very cold fish indeed. Intriguingly, Theron revealed after the screening that her character is initially detached from the mission, but has actually got a very personal reason for being there. Curioser and curioser..." 

Read the rest of their screening report here.  'Prometheus' opens June 8th.

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