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Talk about sacrificing yourself for your art.  The Los Angeles Times reports that SWATH Director Rupert Sanders made a self-sacrificing move and used his own blood to make a scene authentic for the film.

In this interview, Sanders reveals more about the storyline as he discusses the queen's (Charlize Theron) distructiveness and Snow White's (Kristen Stewart) healing powers.

The LA Times writes:

"Early in "Snow White and the Huntsman,"several droplets of blood fall to the frozen ground in extreme slow motion, a sample not only of the menace to follow but also of first-time director Rupert Sanders' truly painstaking attention to detail.

Screen shot

The shot was the last sequence filmed by the veteran commercial director, and no matter how hard the crew tried, the production's artificial serum never had the proper viscosity or splatter. "It just looked like raspberry jam," Sanders said. So Sanders insisted that a crew member draw about 10 teaspoons of the director's own blood in a syringe..."

See Sanders' blood droplets beginning at :18 and read the rest of the interview here.

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