Sunday, April 15, 2012


SWATH's Eddie Marsan has been casted to star in a BBC Two drama 'Best of Men' about the "remarkable and  uplifting true story of the birth of the Paralympic Games and its visionary creator Dr. Ludwig Guttmann," according to Media Centre.

Marsan will play UK Dr. Guttmann who dramatically changed the lives of patients with spinal cord injuries making their lives productive through sports.

"Guttmann threw out the old care regime and brought in a new philosophy - to get all his patients to live full and useful lives. Sport was his big idea and he used it to help build physical strength as well as self-respect."

'Best of Men' celebrates the creation of Paralymics which is in conjunction with the London Olympic games this summer.

"Best of Men writer Lucy Gannon told the Guardian: "It is very appropriate that this story is marked because the Olympics are coming back to the UK for the first time since 1948 – but now, thanks to Dr Guttmann, there is a fully fledged Paralympics in existence."

Media Centre writes:

"In 1948, on the same day that the London Olympics opened, Guttmann hosted the very first Stoke Mandeville Games in the grounds of the Hospital, now referred to as the 1948 International Wheelchair Games."

"Guttmann’s vision for an international event to be held in parallel with the Olympics became a reality in 1960, when the games were held in Rome, Italy alongside the official IOC."

There is no current release date set for the film.

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