Saturday, April 7, 2012



Collider had a chance to interview Chris Hemsworth while on set of 'The Avengers'.  Chris discussed everything from the superhero ego clashes to the changes in his 'Thor' costume.

It’s fair to say there are some pretty big egos on the Avengers. Do we expect to see some of those egos clash when the team starts to get together?

HEMSWORTH: Sure. Absolutely. I think that conflict is what makes it interesting. Having seen these people in the individual films, it’s probably pretty safe to say that a lot of the team coming together is having to be about them managing their own egos or each others, and how they fit in. What sort of part they fill.

Are their love interests in this film? How much of your personal story in Thor carries over to The Avengers?

HEMSWORTH: Natalie [Portman] is not in the film, That is no secret. It’s definitely not a love story for Thor. I think it’s certainly taken care of, nicely, that story. There is a nice moment to it to sum up why that’s not his focus at the time.

Read more of this extensive interview here at Collider.

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