Monday, April 30, 2012


There has been vigorous debate about Sam Spruell's character 'Fin', his relationship with Ravenna and what powers, if any, they both hold.

In one of the trailers, you can see Snow White scratch Finn in the face in one clip and as he turns to chase her, the scratch disappears.  Let the debate begin!

Does Finn and Ravenna have magical powers that allow them to heal quickly?  Apparently so because they cannot die!

Spruell talks about the uniqueness of their characters during an interview with Cult Box.

"...there’s a wicked queen played by Charlize Theron and I play her brother. These are a brother and sister evil double act that have been ruling for the last 150 years."

"Their mother cast a spell meaning that they would live forever so they’ve kinda been together forever for a very long time, they’re kinda like a criminal family, and the cracks are starting to show on both of them when you see them in the film. Finn is quite a messed up boy in many respects and then a very protective man when it comes to his sister."

Spruell talks about his fight sequences, changing his hair, working with Charlize Theron and fighting Chris Hemsworth and more.

Check out the entire interview here.

Thanks to @malenacasey for providing this article.

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