Friday, April 6, 2012



Yes, Ms. Kristen Stewart is turning 22 this Monday, April 9th but we're getting on with the party early and we're celebrating it with SWATH fans!

Firstly, we will be posting the questions this weekend for the SWATH Book Giveaway.  We told you that you needed to study up regarding the SWATH cast and crew.  Know who's who, who does what etc... 

So look out for the questions posted this weekend.  There are some tough questions, but all of the answers can be located either on the SWATH IMDb page or right here on our site. 

There's more...

You had to be a diehard SWATH fan to have followed this fansite since last May.  We had a hard time breaking 100 followers or Twitter for a while.  For your loyalty and believing in SWATH and Kristen early on, the first 100 followers of @SWATH4Fans will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a SWATH book!

We will announce the winner on Kristen's birthday via Twitter and on our Facebook page here this Monday between 8 & 9 am E.S.T.  If you win, you will have until 11:59pm E.S.T. to send us an email at to claim your prize.  There's more...

Exclusive to our Facebook followers only: 

We will be giving away a Nathan Fuja "Kristen Stewart four color screen print on hand torn archival paper."  The print is signed and numbered by the artist.

In order to qualify, you must be following us on Facebook and then look for the question on Facebook that asks, "What makes Kristen Stewart a badass Snow White?"  the question will be posted sometime later today so, "like us" and answer the question.

There will be other ways of winning a SWATH book or a Kristen print this weekend, so watch out for your Twitter timeline or on Facebook to qualify.

Good luck everyone and let's have some fun celebrating Snow White's birthday this weekend!

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