Friday, April 6, 2012


You've really have to love the ingenuity of enthusiastic fans.  But this was so obvious that we did get a chuckle out of it after we saw it.  First we had the Cannes Film Festival hijinks now this. 

E! is reporting that Elle has confirmed the magazine cover featuring Kristen Stewart recently is a fake.  The cover was tweeted out like crazy on Twitter as if it was true but Elle never tweeted it. 
Elle took the time to tweet the entire photoshoot (that trended world-wide on Twitter), you would think they would take the time to tweet that their highly anticipated magazine cover. 

"It's fake," an Elle U.K. rep tells us [E!]. "Our cover has not yet been finalized. That cover is not fom the UK issue of Elle."

"The cover will be revealed to the world on April 28 for subscriptions and May 2 for newsstand," added our Elle U.K. expert.

E! reveals a few hints as to how the cover was fake:

~  "And though the handiwork was pretty convincing, there were clues that the cover wasn't quite up to snuff. Like the fact that another version floated around the Internet with Kristen's name spelled Kristin. And no time of the year is specified under the giant E, a staple for Elle U.K. covers."

~  "...we didn't see that slinky black number hanging on the designer rack previewed for the shoot (which, speaking of, seems to hint that Kris will be decked in some serious pastels on the fashion mag's pages).

We think the misspelling of Kristen's name was the biggest clue.  It would have been embarrassing for Elle to have that wrong.  

Whenever Elle UK releases that magazine, it will definitely be a hit.  We cannot wait to see it!


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