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Jess Liaudin may be known by SWATH fans as a 'Shadow Army Soldier', but this Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion will be getting back into the ring for a battle with an almost undefeated opponent. 

Jess will be fighting Juan Manuel Suarez of Spain, whose record is 12-1, at the 10th Legion Championship Fighting XI event at the Scala in London, UK on May 13th. 

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Almost 40-years old and not losing a sanctioned bout since 2008, Jess tells Brit MMA in an interview, that for him it's "just another fight."

“I’ve been competing in combat sports since I was sixteen years old, so it's something I’ve always done. I train hard all year long, and since I’m in good shape and can afford to take a bit of time off work, I decided to compete for no other reason than fun and personal challenge.”

Anyone who follows Jess on Twitter knows he trains hard, however Jess has found it difficult to find sparring partners to train for the upcoming bout.

“To be fair, I train hard all year round. Since I’m nearly forty, I can't get away with slacking when I’m not competing. We’ve just been pushing it a lot more on the cardio and doing more specific training. I’ve already dropped from 205lbs to 190lbs without dieting, and I feel very strong and explosive.”

“I've got to admit that it's been hard to find good sparring partners willing to come and get punch in the face by me, but besides that I’m feeling good and in great shape already."

Jess admits that he does not know much about his almost undefeated opponent, "I know he's 12-1 and has a couple of good wins in M1. I watched a few of his fights, but it's hard to tell from the videos I saw. He seems to be a pretty good grappler with basic but efficient stand up and poor wrestling skill."
Born in France and growing up with less priviledges than most, this self-trained athlete does not lack in confidence and sounds ready to go.

“He's never fought anybody like me, so I don't think even he knows what he's going do and how things are going to play out in the cage. 

“Dependent on the mistake he makes, I'll be there to make him pay. It may be a jumping knee or a heavy ground and pound finish. All I know is that I am going in there to finish the fight very aggressively.” 

This bout will be about 30 years of experience vs. minimal experience from the sounds of it.  However, the unknown fighting style of Suarez is the making of an interesting fight.

General admission and VIP tickets can be purchased here at the 10th Legion site.

As for Jess in film, fans can see Jess not only in SWATH, but appearing in 'The Sweeney' with SWATH's Ray Winstone.  You can get a glance of Jess in the recently released trailer here.

Do your best and make us proud!

Liaudin's Biography by Mixed Martial

Jess Liaudin was born in France and after initially training in Judo and Karate, he became a well-rounded fighter by adding Muay Thai, Kick-Boxing and different forms of grappling and submission wrestling in a fighting career that extends back over 20 years and 80+ amateur & professional fights in Brazil, Japan, USA, Thailand and UK.

He moved to USA in the 90's and competed in regional Kickboxing tournaments (becoming the South East USA Champion in 1993), when he saw one of the first UFC tournaments on cable tv and was instantly hooked by MMA.
Since then, Jess has developed into an extremely versatile fighter. In 2001, he won silver medals in the European Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and UK Sambo Championships, and was also crowned Knock Down Sport Budo International Champion.

Since 2003, Jess has been one of the leading UK-based MMA fighters - winning the European Cage Combat Middleweight Championship, and starting his relationship with the Cage Rage Championship. He is a 5 times veteran of the UK's premier cage-fighting competition and his fight record reads like a who's-who of the welterweight scene with contests against: Shonie Carter, Paul Daley, Abdul Mohamed, Paul Jenkins, Hidetaka Monma and Ross Mason.

Jess is a top 3 ranked UK welterweight. He also is Head Instructor of his own MMA Academy in London and the Pancrase London MMA fight team.

Check out Jess's MMA record here. 

Photo of Jess from Brit MMA
Fight card photo via Jess Liaudin Facebook/Twitter

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