Thursday, April 26, 2012


Whatever Universal did at CinemaCon today in Los Vegas, Nevada led to a plethora of impressive tweets from the media types.

"@colliderfrosty: they [Universal] also showed new footage from SWATH. Looks like it could be a really great fantasy film. K. Stewart was on stage."

@Variety_JLD Universal ends CinemaCon with the most polished & entertaining slate presentation of all six studios, by far. Adam Fogelson is a natural."

There were plenty more where that came from but it can be safely said that SWATH crushed all other studio presentations!  Universal Pictures Chairman Adam Fogelson led the way with the impressive presentation.

Variety states the following:
John Travolta & Fogelson: Variety Photo
"U kicked off its presentation with a well-crafted reel that celebrated its 100th year, studded with rare gems from the vault and reminders of its greatest box office hits, all deftly narrated by Universal topper Ron Meyer (tagline: ''The human condition is Universal.'')"

"Studio also attracted the most impressive array of talent to Las Vegas: Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and first-time director Rupert Sanders (''Snow White and the Huntsman''); Taylor Kitsch and Brooklyn Decker (''Battleship''); John Travolta, Salma Hayek and Oliver Stone (''Savages''); Seth McFarlane and Mila Kunis (''Ted''); and Jeremy Renner (''The Bourne Legacy'')." 

Insofar as the presentation of SWATH, Variety writes:

"New footage unspooled from ''Snow White and the Huntsman'' revealed a deeper look at the dark fairytale that Sanders created, including more of Theron's Evil Queen -- which the actress said was somewhat inspired by Jack Nicholson in ''The Shining.''

''The only way to do this was balls-to-the-wall,'' Theron said of her approach (Sanders retorted: ''I didn't realize that meant MY balls'')."

It appears that the cast and Fogelson were pretty loose and had a good time at the presentation.

Read more here about Universal's presentation.


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