Saturday, May 12, 2012


The Herald Sun wrote an amazing article about SWATH.  They give great descriptions of the movie and the set, and also discuss how Rupert Sanders chose his cast.  You can read the entire article here.

The following are excerpts from the Herald Sun article.
Snow White and the Huntsman director - Rupert Sanders in his first feature film, and the producers from Alice in Wonderland - have created a tortured and terrifying tale filled with monsters, battles and bloodshed.
In the lead role is Twilight superstar Kristen Stewart.
Walking towards me with her hair scraped back and wearing metal armour, the choice to cast the 21-year-old actress as "the fairest of them all" is obvious.
She is luminous in the flesh.
As a tomboy famous in Hollywood for eschewing glamour, Stewart is a fitting choice to take on Snow White's themes of vanity and the exploitation of beauty.
The film's director, Rupert Sanders, says he cast Hemsworth because he is "an incredible actor" with "a great screen presence". 
Despite her strong tie to the Twilight franchise -- made even more awkward by rumours that Snow White and the Huntsman will have a sequel - Stewart was always first choice for the lead, Sanders says.
"We started, as you do in these things, looking around. (The film's producer) Joe (Roth) had just made Alice in Wonderland, where he had found a new actress (Mia Wasikowska) and we felt there was something very innocent and pure about finding someone with no other roles that you associate them with.
"But when we went to meet Kristen it was a very simple, done deal.
"Yes, you are the one."
Based on the trailer, his version of Snow White is a visual feast.
The sets, including the evil queen's milk bath and a snow-covered woodland, are breathtakingly real.
"But it is a very dark story about so many deeper issues that were never in the Disney version.
"It's like a biblical tale almost, with a lot of messages and hidden meanings.
"It's a story that is as resonant today as it was when it was first recorded."

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