Monday, May 28, 2012


Fandango announced that they will be holding a "Twitter Party for Snow White and the Huntsman" where fans can win great prizes!

The party will begin this Thursday, May 6-7pm PST/9-10pm EST. You must follow @Fandango on Twitter and answer the questions using the hastag #FANDANGOSNOWWHITE. 

Fandango will select a winner from the correctly answered question and notify them via DM.

The Prizes are:

~ Snow White and the Huntsman cell phone mirror, nail polish, lip gloss and movie novelization.

~ Snow White and the Huntsman tee shirt, sling bag and necklace.

~ Kristen Stewart DVDs including Panic Room, Into the Wild and Welcome to the Rileys.

~ $100 in Snow White and the Huntsman Fandango Bucks

~ $200 in Snow White and the Huntsman Fandango Bucks.

Read more here at Fandango. GOOD LUCK!

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