Tuesday, May 15, 2012


snow white prince williams Sam Claflin Interview For Snow White and the Huntsman

In an interview with Flicks and Bits, Sam Claflin opens up about his role as Prince William, his fellow castmates and SWATH.  He shows a joy for the project and working on set with Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.

"How did you find it working alongside Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth?

"Sam Claflin: Kristen is pretty damn glamorous. And do you know what? I’ve never grown such a soft spot for someone so quickly as I did with Kristen. She’s so hard working, she’s so down to earth, so grounded. And at the same time she’s so focused, she turns up to set everyday with loads of ideas of how we can do this and how we can do that. It was a true pleasure to work with her. I only hope I get to do it again really.
Chris Hemsworth is like my bromance (laughs). Seriously, I think I really inherited one of my best friends now. He doesn’t know this yet, but I’m going to stalk him if he doesn’t (laughs). But really, he is, like Kristen, down to earth, grounded, he’s up for getting his hands dirty and mucking in with everyone. His sense of humour is fantastic, I think we’re on the same page with that. I do just genuinely believe Chris Hemsworth is a 6 ft 3, more muscular version of me. And more handsome, but I try (laughs)."

Sam, you're doing just fine in the handsome department.

Read more of Sam's delightful interview here

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