Friday, May 4, 2012


Here are photos that were tweeted by @RamasScreen today at the press conference of SWATH costume designer Colleen Atwood.   Pictured above is Kristen Stewart's costume. 

He noted on Twitter that Atwood explained that the queen's costumes go from "light to dark" which shows her journey throughout the film.

He also said that the actors allowed her to "do her thing." 

To find out more about the press conference and see more photos, follow @RamasScreen on Twitter here.

@RamasScreen: Snow White's Armor

@RamasScreen: Huntsman costumes

@RamasScreen: Queen's wedding gown

@RamasScreen: Blue gown

@RamasScreen: Queen's crown

Check out more photos from Taryn Ryder after the jump.

Oh yes, the time has come.  With the World Premiere just 10 days away, the U.S. press, the gossip types the paparazzi are all heading your way across the pond. So get ready our fellow Brits, a world invasion is about to happen and it's not for the Olympics.

The official SWATH press junket is finally about to begin!  This means that SWATH is almost here!!  *sighs*

So to kick things off, Taryn Ryder of Celebuzz tweeted a couple of photographs of SWATH costumes the press were privy to yesterday, "@taryder: So excited! Heading over to chat with Colleen Atwood and take a look at a few costumes from Snow White and the Huntmsman ."

She also expressed her excitement regarding the junket next week,  "@taryder: Didn't think it was possible to be more excited for London next week but after seeing those costumes I am! ."

....and so it begins. 

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