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Although Florence and the Machine's Breath of Life was the first track released, there are two songs featured on the soundtrack.

The second song is by Io Echos' Ioanna Gika entitled Gone. We are looking forward to hearing this track as well.

Also the soundtrack list has been updated. There are only 19 tracks instead of 20.

Thanks to @malenacasey for the update.

The Film Music Reporter released the album soundtrack list for SWATH.  The album features the score from composer James Newton Howard as well as the song 'Breath of Life' from Florence and the Machine. Check out the full list below. 

The soundtrack is available for pre-order on  Amazon and will be released by Universal Republic on May 29th. 'Breath of Life' is currently available for purchase  both on iTunes and on AmazonUK.

Check back with FMR for exclusive clips from the soundtrack here.

1. Snow White
2. I’ll Take Your Throne
3. Tower Prayers
4. Something For What Ails You
5. Escape From The Tower
6. You Failed Me, Finn
7. White Horse
8. Journey To Fenland
9. Fenland In Flames
10. Sanctuary
11. White Hart
12. Gone – Performed By Ioanna Gika
13. I Remember That Trick
14. Death Favors No Man
15. Warriors On The Beach
16. You Can Not Defeat Me
17. You Can’t Have My Heart
18. Coronation
19. Breath Of Life – Performed By Florence + The Machine

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