Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Australian Premiere: Zimbio

Director Rupert Sanders tackled the question about the faux controversy over the dwarf casting. Sanders explains to the Brisbane Times that the dwarves needed actors to develop the characters as well as a cohesiveness of having worked together in the past. 

“I don’t think we’re really in trouble...”  “There’s a slight aroma of publicising one’s self instead of actually having a point.”

“We specifically went after a certain group of actors because of the heritage of them having worked together so many times, and for their ability to craft characters. There aren’t that many people who can do that and so we shrunk them. We used a lot of little people - probably 35 or 36. They were on set with us every day. Probably 20% of the shots you see of the dwarves are with real little people.”

He also called for a not-actually-reality check. “The are fairytale dwarves. I couldn’t find a real troll, but the trolls aren’t coming out of the woodwork and saying why didn’t you use a real troll!” It would seem some of the film’s casting critics might qualify for those roles too.

Sanders also discusses the casting of the three main characters (Snow White, Huntsman and Queen).  In the video, Sanders discuss the casting of Kristen Stewart and explains the misconception of the meaning of being the "fairest of them all." 

Stewart and Chris Hemsworth join Sanders in explaining their perspective in their casting.

Read more about the casting process here.

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