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She began 'Twilight' when she was only 17-years old.  The film was just another indie in a long line of indies she's done...but with a moderate budget, the film unexpectedly turned into a blockbuster.  Suddenly, she was thrown into the biggest media frenzy she has ever been a part of in her young career; and from that time, the media has hounded her with unflattering and at times unprofessional  attacks forgetting that she was just a kid being thrown into the Hollywood meat grinder. 

Now, she's a young woman with a great career...and maybe, finally...the media is realizing this...

"The media image of Stewart established through the various Twilight cycles is that of an uncommunicative young woman alternating between disdain and boredom in her promotional appearances. However, on a quick visit to Australia with Snow White co-star and former Phillip Island lad, Thor lead Chris Hemsworth, she spoke in swift, excitable sentences and referred to roles in films she believed in as ''causes''. Stewart repeatedly used ''tactful'' in a pejorative sense, as if it was plainly preferable to shake things up."  ~ Sydney Morning Herald

If the media ever chose to do their homework, they would have known they were dealing with a shy 17-year old girl who was thrown into an unplanned and unexpected media frenzy being asked all kinds of probing questions about her life that she has NEVER had to deal with before.  You'd be a little put off too. 

But will the media ever let this go?  Appears not.

Maybe, just maybe with all of the films Stewart has made and will be released, the media will leave the Twilight comparisons behind....

The Sydney Morning Herald interviewed both Stewart and Director Rupert Sanders who explained that Stewart is about more than the one film.

''She's been imprisoned by Twilight and this is her breakout,'' says Rupert Sanders, the British director making his first feature with Snow White and the Huntsman. ''Kristen's very talented and she's got a huge career ahead of her where she will constantly surprise people.''

SMH could be one member of the media that has recognized that Stewart is more than just the one film and is showing success as well. 

"Stewart was widely praised at the recent Cannes film festival for her turn as the libidinous, forthright Marylou in Walter Salles' adaptation of Jack Kerouac's seminal Beat-era text On the Road, but right now it is Snow White and the Huntsman that is fortifying her commercial leverage. Sanders' film has quickly earned more than $250 million overseas in a season where several expensive blockbusters, such as Battleship, have failed commercially."

Stewart has consistently defended her work in Twilight recently at the MTV Movie Awards and is not backing down from it. But she does want people to realize she is more than just being Bella. 

''I'm not trying to distance myself from Twilight, but there are several films coming out this year that are going to compound the sense of change,'' Stewart says. ''I've done things that are far and away from anything I could imagine, and right now I'm bursting with emotions and questions.''

Like Stewart has, the media needs to grow up. Read more here.

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