Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden & India all made SWATH #1 this weekend.

Indiewire reports SWATH opened in 7 territories this weekend and won in all of them.  Bringing in a total worldwide box office in the amount of $182 million and it has yet to open in Japan, Australia, Russia and France.

SWATH has done pretty well with the stiff competition of the summer block buster season heating up with all of the 3D IMAX films.  SWATH did better its opening weekend (bringing in $56.2 million) domestically than the highly touted 'Prometheus' which only brought in $50 million.

SWATH brought in another $23 million with two major 3D IMAX films opening which also included the kid friendly 'Madagascar' which won the weekend with a $60.3 million opening crushing 'Prometheus'.

SWATH has already made back its budget of a $170 million. Even with media critics taking their best pot shots, fans have been supporting the film even during the week with almost a 50-50 split in audience gender. 

The next and final premiere will be held in Australia on June 19th with countryman Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders.

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